Go ahead for Railcare T to operate in Norway

On 1 July 2021, Railcare T received a safety certificate part B from the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate (SJT), which entails a permit to operate trains in Norway.

Carrying out transports and shunting under our own auspices in Norway is an important piece of the puzzle for the work to further develop, optimise and quality assure our assignment with ore transports for Kaunis Iron. We will begin delivering on 16 November with the 10-year contract that replaces the current agreement from 2018, ”says Daniel Öholm, CEO of Railcare Group AB.

Railcare runs two train journeys per day, seven days a week, with iron ore from the terminal in Pitkäjärvi to the port of Narvik, which amounts to an annual volume of approximately 2.3 million tonnes. The assignment for Kaunis Iron AB also includes shunting during loading and unloading, planning as well as the provision and maintenance of locomotives. During the current agreement period, there is a collaboration in Norway with Grenland Rail AS.

Today, I am happy and proud of our organisation, which with professional support from Railsupport AS has adapted our Safety Management System so that it also meets the Norwegian special requirements, and from SJT received Safety Certificate part B for Norway.
Now our important ongoing work continues with safety culture, risk assessments, and business management “, says Hans Flodmark, Safety Manager Scandinavia at Railcare.