Vacuum technology is a gentle and efficient way that does the job with minimal impact on the track structure.

Our machines include the world’s first and largest battery-powered maintenance machine MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), as well as our Railvac 16 000 machines, all of which efficiently perform various types of tasks on the railway; cable lowering, ballast replacement, drainage, cable exposure, cable relocation and culvert cleaning.

Vacuum technology combined with a brush function is also used in our in-house developed snow melting machines. SR 700, the world’s largest snow melter, sweeps up the snow and melts it into large tanks. A method that eliminates the problem instead of pushing it aside. We also have the smaller snow melters SR 300 and SR 100, as well as the flexible snow plough SR 200 which can guide the snow where you want it.

Advantages of our vacuum method:

  • Reduced disruption to train traffic
  • No cable movement required
  • Minimal risk of cable damage
  • When replacing ballast, the rails do not need to be cut or the sleepers moved
  • No signalling technical measures are required
  • No disturbance to the surrounding environment
  • Quick on and off establishment

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