In the UK since 2005

Railcare Sweden Ltd is a company that focuses on railway maintenance and other connecting services.

In recent years the operation in the UK is has grown rapidly. All the work is done by Railcare’s own work crew, educated at the prestigious Railcare Academy. This is a special training programme including the Railcare methods, technical skills and a comprehensive railway safety education.

Railcare Sweden Ltd is a subsidiary to Railcare Group AB in Sweden. The group operates predominantly in Scandinavia and the UK. Sales of methods and machinery are performed world-wide.


Railcare Group AB is focusing on railway maintenance and railway services in Scandinavia and in the UK.

The core business is based on vacuum excavation technology with a number of developed methods and machines (Railvac OTM) for effective and profitable railway maintenance. In Scandinavia Railcare Group also offers railway transportation services (goods) and rental of locomotives, wagons, drivers as well as ECM wagon workshop services.

Railcare Group AB is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.

Move to new and larger office in Derby.
Start of subsidiary Railcare Sweden Ltd. in the UK with office in Derby.
Development of a new snow removal concept in cooperation with Swedish Transport Administration.
Start of strategic cooperation with Bridgeway Consulting Ltd för development och Machines and methods for the UK market.
Introduction of Railcare on Sweden’s stock Exchange.
Introduction of Railcare and Railvac methods in the UK.
Introduction of Railcare’s railway culvert refurbishment method.
Start of machine sales.
Start of the Railvac concept in Sweden.