This is our proud motto when it comes to our safety at work attitude. The railway is a dangerous environment for everybody, not least for contractors. When contractors appear on the railway the normal traffic is affected and the work is also often done in connection with regular, ongoing traffic. This is why the safety regulations are rigid generally on the entire railway network. In general we apply all rules and regulations according to Network Rail Safety Central and acknowledge our responsibility under the Health & Safety at work Act.  Railcare recognises its duty of care and undertakes to maintain safe systems of work and has a refusal to work procedure for all employees and sub-contractors.

Risk assessments are carried out in line with company’s Health & Safety policy.  Control measures are in place including COSHH information and toolbox talks as well as an online briefing system to reduce risks as far as practicable.

We require all employees and sub-contractors to work safely at all times and to ensure that others around them work safely.  This includes complying with site rules all site specific procedures and instructions and wearing the correct and appropriate PPE.

To have the proper documentation is one thing, it is also extremely important that the rules really work in real life. This is why Railcare has developed its own control system as a very important part of the everyday safety work. The control system gives every employee access to all important documents at an online computer or mobile phone. All vital reports can also be done via computer/mobile phone and are then being processed according to a clear responsibility model.

Employees or sub-contractors refusing to work on Health & Safety grounds will be supported and no disciplinary action, financial or other penalty will be taken.

Most important however – the overall individual security consciousness in everything we do. This is why Railcare continuously educate all employees and always stresses our motto – always safe or not at all! – leading to very few incidents or accidents.