Financial targets

The Board of Directors has adopted new financial targets for the period up until the end of 2027.

The Group’s financial targets are to achieve:

  • Sales SEK 1,000 million
  • EBIT margin 13 percent

Railcare’s ambition is to achieve these goals before the end of 2027.
For results, see Financial data.

The Company strives to be the leading specialist company in the markets in which we operate, including Scandinavia, the UK and the export market for innovative solutions for railway construction and transport. This builds on our broad expertise in technology, development and understanding of cost efficiency.

Major investments are being made in transport infrastructure as a key part of society’s climate transition, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, in Sweden freight and passenger transport is forecast to increase by 50 percent by the year 2040, and a brand new green industry is being established in northern Sweden. At the same time, the Swedish Transport Administration is announcing more stringent demands for all operators who work with and on the railways; their operations must be emission-free by 2040.

Railcare’s offering is already an excellent match with this development. Not only today, but also many years into the future. The contracting operations maintain the railway infrastructure using our proprietary battery technology. The transport operations provide efficient freight and contract transport while our locomotive workshop plays an important role in enabling the vehicle’s transition  to sustainable alternatives.