Machines and Technology

Railcare works to build, develop and transform the next generation of railway machines. Since 1992, we have been innovators on the railway. From the first vacuum machine and the world’s first snow melter to today’s first and largest fully battery-powered maintenance machine.

Machinery and technology are the segments where we build new, develop and transform machines, locomotives and wagons so that they can continue to be used on the railway for many years to come. We are helping railway maintenance companies worldwide to benefit from our proven technology and methods. Being a contractor ourselves in our home markets, we benefit from direct feedback and response from our own operators and customers, helping us develop and refine our machines. The machines are engineered and produced in our own workshop in Skelleftehamn, Sweden.

The latest maintenance machine that Railcare has developed is the 100% battery-powered Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). As a maintenance machine, it has the same features as our other Railvacs, however, it can also be used as a battery bank on the railway, thus providing completely new opportunities to drive the development of our industry.

Other machines that Railcare offer are:
The Railvac; is specially developed to work in areas where ordinary excavators do not have access or to replace jobs performed by hand. The Ballast Feeder System; handles larger volumes for ballast replacement and materials for backfilling. Snow machines and ploughs; shovels and melts the snow into water directly in large tanks, which removes large amounts of snow and thus problems. All with the possibility to modify to customer-specific needs.

When selling machines, we also offer introduction and full training of operators to optimise production capabilities.

Our customers are not only within the traditional railway market but also other challenging markets such as Mines, Underground/Subway and Industrial applications.

Railvac and Ballast feeder

Delivers increased reballasting or backfilling capacity and flexibility

Railvac cable handling and Railvac Cleaning


SR700 Snow Melter and SR300 Snow Melter

SR200 Flexible snowplow


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    Jan Billberg

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    Jonny Granlund

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