Contracting Sweden

Our contracting operations in Sweden carry out maintenance contracts on the railway with our own staff and our own machines, for example, for track replacements or other maintenance on the railway.

With the help of vacuum technology, we perform, among other things, cable location, cable lowering, ballast replacement and snow removal. The same technology is now available on our 100% battery-powered MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), which means that the job can be performed emission-free, along with a better working environment for our machine operators and quieter for nearby residents.

Another part of our contracting business specialises in culvert renovations beneath railways, roads and industrial sites, as well as condition inspections of culverts. Relining as it is called is performed with the help of fibreglass lining that is UV-cured. An environmentally friendly technology that can be made for culverts regardless of shape.


  • Jonny Granlund
    Jonny Granlund

    Business Area Manager Contracting and Machines and Technology

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