Significant maintenance needs

Major investments are being carried out to maintain the railways.
Railcare’s maintenance services can be divided into “basic maintenance” and “other maintenance and reinvestment”

Reduction in greenhouse gases

During a presentation for the Anläggningsforum 2022 forum, the Swedish Transport Administration announced that all work on the railways must be completely emission free by 2040.

Increased transport

According to the Swedish Transport Administration’s national
plan for transport infrastructure, freight and passenger rail transport will both increase by approximately 50 percent by 2040.

Our transport operations are the largest growing segment in recent years. Thanks to our flat organisational structure, ,which enables flexible, solution-oriented decisions, together with employees who are committed and driven, we are a reliable partner in every project. We have also been early in securing locomotive drivers and access to locomotives for a growing operation.

New signalling system

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is an EU-wide signalling system that will be implemented on all of Sweden’s railways. The system comprises two elements: a signalling unit and a train protection system. The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for introducing the system and upgrade the signalling unit and develop the ERTMS train protection system.

In order to operate trains on these routes once the system has been introduced, railway operators will need to have a functioning ETCS on-board system that monitors that the trains are maintaining the right speed and prevents trains from driving past a stopping point, for example.