Business concept, strategy and targets


Railcare shall develop with satisfied customers and favourable profitability, thereby growing shareholder value.

Business concept

In close partnership with its customers, Railcare shall develop innovative and sustainable services, products and methods for the railway industry’s various segments. Railcare is to be characterised by its culture of safety, skilled personnel, high quality and delivery reliability.


  • Focus on the employees, who are by far our most important asset
  • Carry out effective contractor assignments that contribute to more sustainable railways
  • Provide reliable, sustainable transport on the railways
  • Driving progress towards more sustainable railways
  • Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit


  • Sales, SEK 1,000 million
  • EBIT, 13%

Railcare’s ambition is to achieve these targets by the end of 2027.

The objective is to maintain positive growth and to develop continuously as a niche innovative company. For its shareholders, Railcare shall be an energetic and profitable company. Everyone who interacts with our operations – employees, customers, suppliers and business partners – shall share our basic view that all human beings are equal, have high ethical and moral standards, and prevent and reduce any negative environmental impact. We will reduce fossil fuel emissions by 40 percent by 2025. As we build Railcare for the future, people are our main asset, as are the innovations that drive us forward.


The Company’s dividend policy is to distribute 30-40 percent of profit after tax, up to the Company’s required equity/assets ratio of 25 per cent following payment of dividends.