Railcare shall develop with satisfied customers and favourable profitability, thereby growing shareholder value.

Business concept

In close cooperation with customers, Railcare shall develop innovative services, methods, products, transports and contracting services within the railway industry’s different phases. Railcare is to be characterised by its skilled personnel, culture of safety, delivery reliability and quality assurance.


  • Continuous development of methods and equipment
  • Continued focus on core operations
  • Increased growth and profitability in the four segments
  • The foremost focus is on safety in the workplace
  • Development of the organisation and personnel


  • Sales, SEK 500 million
  • EBIT, 10%
  • Equity/assets ratio, >25% after dividends

Railcare’s ambition is to achieve these goals in the medium term.

The Company strives to be the leading specialist company in the markets in which we operate, including Scandinavia, the UK and the export market for innovative solutions for railway construction and transport. This builds on our broad expertise in technology, development and understanding of cost efficiency.

The objective is to maintain positive growth and to develop continuously as an innovative and specialist company. Railcare shall be an energetic and profitable company for its shareholders, and its profitability should be better than the average in the railway industry.

As we build the Railcare of the future, people are our primary resource, as well as the innovations that drive us forward. We are working to develop the organisation and the companies with the objective of generating growth while also being profitable.


The Company’s dividend policy is to distribute 30-40 per cent of profit after tax, up to the Company’s required equity/assets ratio of 25 per cent following payment of dividends.