Market overview

Railcare’s market encompasses a number of different players facilitating railway operations. Railway infrastructure is managed by dedicated infrastructure management bodies, who, in turn, employ railway infrastructure contractors to maintain the quality of the tracks. Train operator companies then use the railway infrastructure to provide transport services for end customers, that is, passengers and purchasers of rail freight services.


Railcare’s customers are foremost a small number of large-scale organisations including infrastructure management bodies and service providers in the railway market who account for most of the maintenance projects conducted on the railway. The Group has various types of agreements with its customers. A varied agreement structure is applied with fixed multi-year agreements, framework agreements and construction agreements, as well as short-term leasing agreements.

Railcare has worked with its current customers for some 20 years, with the exception of Network Rail in the UK, which has been the company’s customer since 2005, and Kaunis Iron AB with whom our cooperation began in 2018. Examples of customers for Railcare’s operations are government management bodies, maintenance contractors, construction contractors, industrial companies and mining companies.