Board committees

The Board’s committees prepare matters to be determined by the Board as a whole.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a preparatory body within the Company’s Board of Directors that shall, for example, safeguard that the Board of Directors meets its supervisory responsibilities with regard to internal control, risk management, accounting and financial reporting, as well as compliance. The work of the Audit Committee is regulated by special instructions adopted by the Board of Directors as part of its Rules of Procedure.

In this connection, the Audit Committee shall contribute in particular to good financial reporting and to maintaining the market’s confidence in the company. The Audit Committee shall ensure that qualified, efficient and independent external audits of the company are performed and that effective communications are maintained between the Board of Directors and the external auditor/s.

Board committees

Railcare The Board of Directors has decided that the entire Board, excluding Board Members who are also members of Group Management, will constitute the Remuneration Committee.

The duties of the Remunerations Committee are:

  • to approve proposals for guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives, for subsequent adoption by the Annual General Meeting,
  • to decide on guidelines for individual remuneration for the CEO, and propose guidelines to the CEO for the individual remuneration of other senior executives, thereby ensuring that these proposals are in accordance with the company’s remuneration principles established by the Annual General Meeting, and
  • to monitor the system by which the company complies with the law, applicable stock exchange regulations and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance regarding regulations on the disclosure of information related to remuneration to senior executives.