Below is a list of analysts who follow Railcare and publish assignment analyzes about the company. Please note that the analyzes are the analysts’ own opinions, assessments and forecasts, and that Railcare neither confirms nor takes a position on the conclusions drawn.


Contact information

Redeye, Henrik Alveskog


Aktieanalys, Johan Voss-Schrader



Assignment analysis

2023-08-18 Redeye: “Steady Progress”

2023-06-05 Aktieanalys (in Swedish): “Starkt första kvartal”

2023-05-07 Redeye: “Q1- Well on Track”

2023-03-24 Aktieanalys (in Swedish): “Andhämtningspaus”

2023-02-20 Redeye: “Targeting double digit grow rate”

2022-11-30 Aktieanalys (in Swedish): “Railcare går som tåget”

2022-11-09 Redeye: “Sales at new ATH”

2022-09-22 Aktieanalys (in Swedish): ”Railcare tuffar på bra” 

2022-08-21 Redeye: ”Strong growth in Swedish operations”

2022-07-14 Aktieanalys (in Swedish): ”Initieringsanalys – Innovativ järnvägsspecialist i konservativ bransch”

2022-05-08 Redeye: ”On track in Q1”