Railcare whistleblowing channel

The Railcare whistleblowing channel is designed to report suspected serious irregularities within the Railcare Group. That is, Railcare Group AB and its subsidiaries. Here you can safely report suspected irregularities.

Report anonymously

It is important to us that corruption, irregularities or fraud that could seriously harm the business or our employees are identified and investigated as early as possible.

You can choose whether you want to report openly, i.e. provide your name and contact details, or whether you want to report anonymously. The whistleblower channel is a secure channel for reporting suspected irregularities within Railcare. Both the report and the subsequent dialogue are protected and anonymous for those who wish to do so. An external working group assesses whether the reports received should be approved or rejected based on Railcare’s guidelines and that appropriate investigation measures are taken for reports that are approved. Both internal and external whistleblowers are welcome.

What can be reported?

Cases reported may contain information on crimes, irregularities and breaches or other acts that violate EU or national law in a work-related context, such as the following:

  • Corruption and financial irregularities, such as bribery, money laundering, fraud or manipulation of accounts and other financial information.
  • Health and safety crimes, such as occupational health and safety, serious discrimination and harassment in violation of the law.
  • Environmental crimes, such as illegal management of hazardous waste