This is Railcare’s proud motto regarding our attitude to safety at work. The railway is a dangerous environment, particularly for contractors. Contracting work diverges from normal conditions.

Scheduled services often continue adjacent to sites where work is being carried out (as is also the case with roadworks). Accordingly, rigorous safety regulations apply on the railway in general and Railcare also maintains a clear internal safety policy of its own.

However, detailing in black and white how things ought to work is one thing, and how they actually work in reality is another. For this reason, Railcare has developed a system of operations forming a central component in its safety efforts. This system provides all employees with access to important documents as long as their computer or mobile phone is online. Key reports can also be submitted using a computer or mobile phone and are processed in accordance with a clear responsibility structure.

What is most important is that everyone within the company applies a mindset of safety in everything they do. Combined with this guiding principle, Railcare’s work with continuous training and continued education means that very few accidents and incidents occur:

Always safe – or not at all!