For suppliers


Formal requirements for invoicing

In addition to the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements on invoicing, Railcare has certain requirements of its own that must be met for invoices to be handled and paid via our system. Invoices that are not issued properly will be returned for correction/completion, in which case, no payment reminders or interest on delayed payments will be accepted.

  1. The invoice must be addressed to the correct legal entity.
  2. Detailed description of product/service.
  3. The given name and surname of the reference must appear on the invoice following the text “Your reference”.
  4. A correct VAT rate (“reverse charge” in connection with construction services).
  5. Terms of payment 30 days.
  6. No invoicing charges.
  7. All invoices to the Swedish companies are to be addressed to Box 34, SE-932 21 Skelleftehamn.

The following companies are included within the Railcare Group

CompanyRegistration numberGLNInvoicing address
Railcare Group
Railcare Resources
Railcare Lining
Railcare T
Railcare Machine
Railcare Lokverkstad
Railcare Sweden
Railcare Danmark
Elpro i Skellefteå

How to submit invoices to Railcare

At Railcare, we want you, as a supplier, to be paid in a timely and secure manner. E-invoicing is a more secure, smoother and faster alternative to handling paper invoices and protects the environment. Invoices may also be submitted via the normal postal service to the box address specified. To minimise various risks, however, we prefer that you use one of the following options:

E-invoice by file

Are you among our regular suppliers using business systems adapted for electronic invoicing? In that case, EDI invoicing would probably be the best solution. The GLN (Global Localisation Number) of each of our companies can be found in the table above. Our EDI operator is Scancloud.

PDF invoice by e-mail

If you are able to issue invoices in PDF format, these may be submitted by e-mail to the addresses given above. In this case, please observe the following:

  1. The entire invoice, including any attachments, should be included in one single PDF file.
  2. Multiple PDF files can be attached in a single e-mail, as long as each file contains a complete invoice.
  3. The PDF file should preferably not comprise a scanned paper invoice as the image quality may be inadequate for our automatic interpretation service, significantly increasing potential sources of error.
  4. Please note that this is an automated service and any messages included in the e-mail will not be read.

When invoicing construction services, please also observe the following:

In accordance with Chapter 1, Section 2, paragraph 4 of the Swedish VAT Code, Railcare AB and Railcare Lining AB apply reverse charge, meaning that VAT should not be charged to those companies when invoicing for construction services. (Read more about which services are classed as construction services here).

Invoices for construction services shall include the following additional information:

  1. The buyer’s (our) VAT registration number.
  2. A statement that reverse VAT charges apply.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call +46 (0)910-43 88 00.