Transport Scandinavia

The railway is a cost-effective and sustainable mode of transport where large quantities can be transported at low energy consumption. This makes the railway the obvious choice for freight, project and special transport. Railcare performs various types of transport with traffic permits in Sweden and Norway. The projects vary, from ongoing transports to mining companies to specific railway projects for construction companies and infrastructure managers.

In the transport segment, we also offer workshop services such as repairs, engine upgrades, installation of radio control systems and safety systems as well as ongoing maintenance. Railcare’s greatest strengths are solution-oriented employees, high flexibility and simplicity.


  • Johan Hansén
    Johan Hansén

    Business Area Manager Transports

    +46 (0)72-242 81 42

    [email protected]

  • Patrik Söderholm
    Patrik Söderholm

    Production Manager Railcare Lokverkstad

    +46 (0)72-577 54 11

    [email protected]