Transport Scandinavia

Special transports, locomotive and wagon rentals, provision of temporary personnel and workshop services

Railcare offers customers special transport services, including locomotives, wagons and personnel. In Sweden, we conduct both construction and project transports, as well as heavy transports and special transports requiring traffic permits. In connection with major maintenance contracts, we are on hand to provide locomotives, wagons and personnel, either as a turnkey solution or for the supply of individual resources, including personnel, locomotives, wagons or machines.

Railcare also offers workshop services, such as repairs, upgrades and regular maintenance. In addition, Railcare offers installation of radio control systems and safety systems, as well as renovation and modification of railway vehicles.

Workshop services are provided at two locations, at the wagon workshop in Skelleftehamn, Sweden, and the locomotive workshop in Långsele, Sweden. The locomotive workshop in Långsele is located strategically adjacent to the northern main line and has 14 tracks adapted for both light and heavy maintenance and with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes. The wagon workshop in Skelleftehamn specialises in freight wagon maintenance, has access to a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes and has tracks running right through the workshop for efficient handling. Railcare is also a certified ECM for freight wagons and freight wagon maintenance.


Johan Hansén

Production Manager Railcare T
Mobile phone: +46 (0)72-242 81 42

Patrik Söderholm

Production Manager Railcare Lokverkstad
Mobile phone: +46 (0)72-577 54 11