Railcare’s employees are the company’s most important resource and considerable focus is placed on ensuring that the company attracts and retains the right people, facilitating the development of the operations. Railcare is proud of its culture and its employees are proud to work for the company.

Gender equality, diversity and non-discrimination

In Railcare’s fundamental view, all people are of equal value and no one should be discriminated against or subjected to abusive discrimination on the grounds of gender, trans-gender identity or expression, ethnic background, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Railcare applies zero tolerance of harassment, bullying and abusive behaviour. The company’s work on gender equality, diversity and non-discrimination is conducted in accordance with international laws and guidelines.

Skills and career opportunities

Railcare’s employees receive the training, continued education and refresher courses necessary for all of them to be able to perform their duties. This applies to all employees, regardless of what they work with. Skills development has also been devised and adapted for the countries in which Railcare’s employees work, and we comply with the regulations in each jurisdiction and the training required there.

We also take a highly positively of employees being offered and accepting career opportunities within the Group, and we encourage each employee to develop in his/her role or in those areas perceived as relevant to each of them.

Health and safety

The well-being of our employees and stakeholders is crucial for us and health and safety is therefore a matter of the utmost concern for the Railcare Group. We shall maintain a beneficial, safe and secure physical and psychosocial working environment, ensuring that all employees, including sub-contractors, have the best workplace possible. We conduct ongoing training in working on and around the railway and offer health and wellness benefits to all employees and encourage them to participate in healthy activities.

Code of Conduct

Railcare’s Code of Conduct provides guidance for the company’s employees and other stakeholders, including suppliers, consultants, sub-contractors and others. The Code of Conduct describes Railcare’s core values and ethics, as well as presenting the guidelines that the company expects its employees and stakeholders to follow.