Ballast Feeder System

Delivers increased re-ballasting backfilling capacity and flexibility

The Ballast Feeder System is self-propelled and can work independently or coupled together as multi silo wagons to supply larger volumes of re-ballasting or backfilling material. Each unit can carry up to 45 tonnes of materials and the integrated loading control system helps avoid the Ballast Feeder Systems being overloaded.

The front belt conveyor is used for material distribution. It can swing 180 degrees from side to side and drop the material exactly where it is needed, in the correct volume and with a high level of precision. At the same time, the BFS’s transmission system guarantees safe and precise vehicle movement.

The Ballast Feeder System is designed to operate together with Railcare’s Railvac OTM air/vacuum excavators and MPV. The complete Railcare set up offers a unique industrial approach to the time-consuming removal, re-ballasting or backfilling process. Always non-intrusive and with all components in situ.