“We are pleased to have gained renewed trust from Trafikverket, and also proof that our transport operations are doing a good job” commented Mattias Remahl, CEO of Railcare Group AB.

The standby locomotive is used for clearing and transporting railway vehicles that have been involved in an adverse event or suffered a breakdown on the railway network managed by Trafikverket. Railcare provides locomotives and staff, which will be available for call-off around the clock, every day of the year. 

The original contract for the standby locomotive in Borlänge was signed in autumn 2020 for three years, with two option years. Railcare also has contracts for standby locomotives in four additional locations (Långsele, Boden, Vännäs and Kiruna), which began in August 2022 and continue four years ahead.

“The fact that our standby locomotives are located in a total of five locations, contributes to an increased long-term perspective for our transport operations,” commented Mattias Remahl.