Värnamo railway yard is being upgraded

Railcare performs cable handling ahead of a major redevelopment of Värnamo railway yard which should be completed in autumn 2024. Railcare spoke with Site Manager Samuel Ljunggren and Contract Engineer Isam Zuod at Sandahls Entreprenad, which is Railcare’s client.

What is Sandahl’s mission for this project?
– Strukton Rail is the main contractor at Värnamo railway yard on behalf of Trafikverket. Sandahls Entreprenad is a subcontractor to Strukton Rail, which handles the technical construction works including the channelization.

What is currently happening in the project?
– During the autumn, we built a new central platform, laid foundations and cross-channeling works. In the coming weeks, we will continue with preparatory measures for the major works that will take place in 2024.

How did you get in touch with Railcare before this work?
– The railway industry is small, so we have met with Railcare on other projects. During the spring, we received help from Railcare to expose cables before the final installation of the track system. This brought added value for all parties in the project, which resulted in continued collaboration.

What are the advantages of vacuum technology in this project?
– Since we are rebuilding an old railway yard, there are a lot of unknown cables underground. The advantage of vacuum technology is that we can minimise damage to operational cables and streamline excavation work in a time-pressed environment.

There is usually talk of “preparatory work” in connection to the railway. Why is this so important?
– It is important as there are many steps to be carried out during a limited period of time. We place great emphasis on preparatory work, as it is very important to get a clear picture of what the ground looks like, and in our case under the tracks. By carrying out these preparatory works, we minimise risks that can lead to additional costs in the project, e.g. such as exposing operational cables before major excavation works.

What are Railcare’s greatest strengths?
– We’ve had a very good dialogue from the start. Together, we have been able to plan our activities for the best possible solution, as we have several services running at the same time in a limited work area. The expertise that Railcare possesses and the desire to solve our challenges in the track environment is a good attribute for our production.