Railcare is a strong contender for transports

Logistics is a key issue in green industrialisation. With solution-oriented employees, high flexibility and an efficient organisation, Railcare stands out as a strong contender in the market for heavy goods transport.

In March, LKAB announced renewed confidence in Railcare for the transport of iron ore on the Svappavaara-Kiruna and Svappavaara-Gällivare routes. A positive message for Railcare, which also has a ten-year contract with Kaunis Iron for the transport of iron ore concentrate from Pitkäjärvi to Narvik. There are two train routes per day, seven days a week, with an annual transport of around 2.3 million tons of iron ore for Kaunis Iron.

– The contracts we have with LKAB and Kaunis Iron are very good. Thanks to solution-oriented employees and a very flat and efficient organisation, we can deliver heavy goods transport with high delivery reliability, says Mattias Remahl, CEO at Railcare Group.

Large growth in rail transport
A unique development is taking place in northern Sweden. Several large industries are currently emerging here, which will play a decisive role in a sustainable transition. One of the challenges of green industrialisation is logistics, and by 2040 rail transport is predicted to increase by 50 per cent.

– The railway is a very good alternative for the type of transport that will be required here. It is a cost-effective and sustainable form of transport where large quantities can be transported with low energy consumption, says Mattias Remahl.

– Railcare is well equipped to meet the increasing demand. One of our main strengths is that we think a little differently than other companies. We are a small, entrepreneurial company and for us, transport is about more than just getting from a to b. We are constantly thinking bigger to find solutions to our customers’ challenges, says Mattias Remahl.

Own workshops a success factor
Railcare has a wide range of operations within its transport segment and offers, in addition to freight transport, contract and project transport as well as heavy and special transport. Railcare also has its own locomotive workshops to handle repairs, maintenance and life extensions which is a success factor.

– The workshops give us a deeper knowledge that benefits our customers. We are now planning for the introduction of a common European signal system standard, it is of course a great advantage that our workshops are certified to install the onboard system, says Mattias Remahl.