Here, we offer readers a brief insight into Railcare’s major innovations over the years. From Railvac’s vacuum technology in 1992 to today’s latest innovation, the battery-powered MPV.

1992 – Railvac

The founders of Railcare, Ulf Marklund and Leif Dahlqvist, took the vacuum technology used in suction trucks and adapted it for the railway. This would be the company’s starting shot and excavating using vacuum has proven beneficial in many areas on the railway.

Railcare Railvac

The Railcare Railvac from 1992


2002 – Re-lining

Railcare scaled up the already existing method of lining an existing pipe with a flexible fibreglass sock, which is then cured with UV light. This provided a simplified method for renovating culverts beneath rail lines without disturbing train traffic.

Railcare Relining

Drums are renovated with flexible fibreglass socks, which is then cured with UV light.


2011- Innovative snow removal

Why remove snow when you can melt it? Although melting snow is nothing unique, developing a machine that can do so efficiently on the railway was a breakthrough. The snow removal contract with the Swedish Transport Administration also provided the opportunity to develop more innovative methods for snow removal on the railway, such as the flexible SR 200 snow plough.

Snowremoval with Railcare

Snow removal with Railcare SR 700 and SR 200

2015 – Ballast Feeder System

Having the Railvac to efficiently excavate ballast, Railcare then developed complementary ballast refilling equipment. The Ballast Feeder System established a highly-efficient, reliable and safe industrial concept.

Railcare Ballast Feeder System

Railcare Ballast Feeder System


2020 – Multi Purpose Vehicle

Electrification is making progress in many areas of society. Railcare took on the challenge of lifting battery technology for industrial machines to a new level, to be able to manage the company’s own railway machines. The result was the MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), the largest battery-powered maintenance machine on the railway.

>> The First MPV project

Railcares Multi Purpose Vehicle

Railcares Multi Purpose Vehicle


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