Construction Transport – An important piece of the puzzle

Autumn means a final spurt for our contractor transports on the railway. On the Ådalsbanan, Railcare is currently carrying out the transport of filling materials as part of a larger railway project.

Railcare’s construction transport means being available with locomotives and personnel to transport, for example, ballast, sleepers, filling materials and/or track replacement machines on the major railway project.

– We are an important piece of the puzzle for the contractor to have access to the necessary material at all times ensuring the work can proceed according to plan, says Markus Thurén, Project Manager at Railcare and continues:

– This of course requires delivery quality but also great flexibility from our organisation. Especially during this year when there have been big challenges with gaining possession times on the track. A challenge that we solved very well within Railcare.

On the Ådalsbanan, between Långsele and Västeraspby, a track replacement was made in 2022 and this year concrete foundations are being laid for new catenary poles. On behalf of the NRC Group, Railcare is distributing the filling material along the route. Locomotive driver Ulf Edlund, who has worked at Railcare since 2020, explains more:

– We load ten ballast wagons from a storage area in Långsele with both ballast and soil, which are then driven out and distributed along the railway.

– I really enjoy my job at Railcare. On days like this, it is fantastic with the fresh autumn air and bright sun.