22 April 2020

Yesterday, 21 April 2020, Railcare ran the 1,000th iron ore train for Swedish iron ore company Kaunis Iron.

Railcare’s locomotive driver Anna Helmersson was the driver for the 1000th iron ore train which has now transported approximately 3 million tonnes of iron ore between Pitkäjärvi in ​​Sweden to Kaunis Iron’s shipping terminal in Narvik, Norway. During the 1000th transport, it was also tested to run with three Traxx locomotives instead of two, enabling the possibility to increase capacity in the future.

“I am very pleased with our collaboration with Kaunis Iron and it is great that we have reached 1000 shipments of iron ore,” says Jonny Granlund, Business Area Manager, who was present during the transport on 21 April 2020.

Photographer: Railcare