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Railcare Railvac™ Concept

Railcare Railvac™ Concept

Railvac™ 16000

Our Railvac™ designed for air/vacuum based, almost surgical, excavation without harming the infrastructure. Focused on high productivity and short downtime it is an accepted tool for Cable work, re-ballasting in critical areas, drainage work and much more. Today we have some 40 units in work in Scandinavia, UK, USA and Russia.

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Tubevac 14000

Based on the Railvac™ Concept, the Tubevac 14000 is adopted to the challenges given by work in the underground environment. Limitations in Gauge as well as time window for work gives a special design to meet expectations. Main work is “wet-spot” elimination.

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Minevac 8000

The Minevac 8000 is a variant within the Railvac™ Concept focusing cleaning and removal of heavy contamination of Rail Tracks. Developed together with the Mine Company LKAB to reduce the risk of derailing, it cleans the tracks of the 1365 level of the ore-mine in north Sweden. Loading stations as well as tracks and track bed.

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