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Railcare Export

Railcare Export

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Railcare has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Railroad Maintenance. Initially within Sweden but nowadays covering Scandinavia and UK in its activity. The common thread in the development has been to approach classical maintenance issues from a new perspective. Can we do this with significant improved productivity? The, over short time, heavy increase of traffic on European infrastructure has added the perspective; with shorter down time?

Over the years, our business has grown. We have developed our own set of products and methods to meet the needs of improved productivity and shorter down time. Together with our partner Disab Vacuum Technology AB we have developed the Railvac™ Concept. A tool for vacuum excavation that minimizes infrastructure down time and gives high productivity within issues like Cable work, Drainage and Re ballasting in critical areas. In the same type of cooperation, we have together with the Swedish owner of the infrastructure, Trafikverket, developed the first machines within our Snow Concept. Machines that over the last years have proven their value.

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Through building and maintaining our own machines we have gained a good mix and balance between engineering and practical experience when building up our product portfolio and our service organization.

Through our daughter company Railcare Export AB, we are now starting marketing and sales of our Concepts.