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Emissions-free, battery-powered working vehicle, MPV

During 2020, Railcare completed the production of a new generation of battery-powered Multi-Purpose Vehicles, MPV’s. An MPV is a versatile working vehicle for rail maintenance applications.

The vehicle is equipped with its own power source, vacuum pumps, hydraulics, and operator cabs, enabling it to be used as a battery-powered complement to Railcare’s railway vacuum excavator and snow melter, as well as acting as a towing vehicle for macadam wagons during track works.

Railcare has partnered with the mining equipment company Epiroc in developing the world’s largest battery-powered rail vehicle and on October 5, 2020, Railcare presented the MPV. At the unveiling there was, among others, Sweden’s Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Employment Eva Nordmark, and Västerbotten’s County Governor Helene Hellmark Knutsson.

Many of Railcare’s projects involve underground work, entailing rigorous demands on safety and the working environment, as well as requiring superior efficiency. The company perceives considerable potential for emission-free working vehicles in its existing markets, as well as opportunities to secure projects from new customer markets.

Railcare MPV
Sketch of battery wagon complementing the traditional diesel-powered versions of rail specialist Railcare’s working vehicles. Emissions-free, battery-powered vehicles improve the working environment and increase the potential for use in assignments underground, such as in metro systems and mines. ©2020 Railcare Group AB


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